Proper Start Up Of Your Air Conditioner and Heater

As the seasons change, so does your heating and cooling needs. Listed below are the minimum things that need to be checked and/or performed. Some items listed will require professional help. The remainder can be performed by most homeowners.

  • Equipment, should be inspected and cleaned as required. This includes outdoor coil, indoor coil, blower wheel and condensation drain.
  • Blower and fan motor bearings lubricated.
  • Replace or clean filters.
  • Remove shrubs or obstructions from around outdoor unit that would restrict airflow.
  • Thermostat should be level and clean.
  • Shut down humidifier for season if installed on system.
  • Check return grills for obstructions and make sure registers are open and providing good airflow.
  • Check belt(s) for wear and proper tension.
  • System checked for proper refrigerant charge.
  • Inspect and test controls, safeties, and wiring.

A few additional hints: Make sure equipment is level. This is not only for a neat appearance but improves performance and insured proper oil lubrication in the compressor. Also, inspection of the ductwork can reveal air leaks and loose insulation, robbing you of expensive energy. Lastly, we would like to emphasize the importance of system cleanliness. We place it at the top of the list because dirt is the single most cause of all equipment breakdown and poor performance.

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