Heat Pump and Air Conditioner Ratings

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What do all those heat pump and air conditioner ratings mean?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the array of efficiency ratings, abbreviations and acronyms used to describe or explain heat pumps and air conditioners! We explain below what they mean and how you can use the knowledge to make a more informed choice on your comfort needs.

Efficiency Rating

SEER- Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: This is a system for rating the efficiency of cooling equipment. It is calculated by dividing the cooling capacity of a continuously operating air conditioner by the electric power input. The higher the SEER, the less your unit will cost to operate.

HSPF- Heating Seasonal Performance Factor: This measurement is similar to SEER, but it measures the efficiency of the heating portion of your heat pump. Like the SEER, HSPF industry minimums have risen in recent years. Thecurrent industry minimum is 6.80 HSPF.

Sound Ratings

In recent years, HVAC equipment has not only gotten more energy efficient, it has gotten quieter. Although sound does not affect the effciency of a unit, it can certainly affect your comfort. If your unit has a low sound level, you (and your neighbors) will hardly notice when it is operating.

Db – Decibel: A term to describe the relative loudness of a sound. Typically, heat pumps and air conditioners are between the sound of a human voice (70db) and a blender (88db).

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